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Six Flags Thrills
Trip Reports

Below you will find trip reports for Six Flags Marine World and Magic Mountain. They might be old TR's where Adrian and me went to one of the parks last summer, or it might be recent. Above each TR is a date, dating when the trip took place. Check back often for new Trip Reports! (TR's)

Six Flags Marine World 10/20/01

By Brandon

I went on a Saturday in October to SFMW for Fright Fest and I had a blast! My dad, me and my friend all went to spend the day at the park. When we got to the park, it wasn't all that crowded, considering it was a Saturday and time for Fright Fest 2001. We got to the park at around 9:30am and when we finally got in, we went straight for Medusa. The wait wasn't bad at all, maybe about 15 minutes for the front row. Once off Medusa, we skipped Kong and headed straight for Vertical Velocity which gave an excellent ride! Next, we went on Roar which was about a 20 minute wait. We went straight for the last row cause we know that the last seats are the best place for maximum airtime, especially on a wooden coaster. Next, we rode some flat rides, ate lunch, rode Medusa a few more times and the once it got dark, we headed straight for Nightmares, only one of 4 haunted houses at the park for Fright Fest. Once it was dark, I really noticed how much the park could have decorated a little more for Halloween, but what they did was "okay" I guess, but I wouldn't give them an A. After Nightmares, we stood in line for Brutal Planet for at least an hour and then we rode Vertical Velocity another time. That ride definitley is about twice as good at night because for some reason, you really feel like you are going faster than you did when you rode the ride during the day. After riding Medusa again in the front and freezing our butts off, we finally decided to pack it in and we left, but we couldn't leave without a funnel cake! I was a little dissapointed in Fright Fest mainly because they didn't shut the lights off on the rides once it got dark and also, the decorations were very scarce. Hopefully Fright Fest 2002 is better!

Six Flags Marine World 5/18/01

By Adrian

This trip was with my 8th grade class. We arrived at the park at 10:00 and I headed straight for Kong with a group of friends. The wait was like 5 minutes. It was my first time on Kong for 2 years. As soon as we did that my group headed over to Boomerang. This was my first time on and the wait was like 3 minutes. Next the group wanted to get on Roar so me and my cousin said forget it we're going to Medusa. This was my first time on Medusa and the wait was 1:30 minutes. I loved this ride the moment I got on. We were on our way back to Boomerang, but came across Cobra. The line wasn't long so we got on. We decided to take a break and go to Boomerang. The wait was like 10 minutes. Now we wanted to go back on Medusa so we went and the wait was now down to 40 minutes. I decided to keep going on Medusa till it was time to leave the shortes wait was 10 minutes. I ended up getting 5 rides on Medusa. I keeped looking at V2 since it wasn't running yet. I couldn't wait till the day I ride it.

Six Flags Marine World 7/26/01

By Adrian

Me, my twin brother and my sister washed my aunt's car so she treated us to a day at SFMW. We arrived at the park at 10:00 and me, my bro, and my sis ran to V2. The line was really short. The wait was like only 5 minutes. This was my first time riding V2 and let me tell you this ride is intense! We decided to calm it down a bit with a ride on Roar. We ended up waiting about 20 minutes since they only ran 1 train. It was my first time on Roar since 2 years. I loved it much better than Grizzly at PGA. We hit V2 once more, but it wasn't as exciting as the first run. Next my brother and I headed for Medusa and the line was longer than we had expected. So we decided to get the Fast Lane Pass. The wait was not even a minute. This was a good ride except that I couldn't feel the drop due to the intensity from V2. We went to Kong next and used the Fast Pass for the front row. Next was Boomerang. The line was too short so we didn't use our Fast Passes. It was too boring. Taz was running so we went on it. I love the airtime on this ride. It turns out that all the rides were working this day. We hit Jamboo, Doodoo and Hammerhead shark several times and all were walk-ons. My aunt's boyfriend bought a Fast Pass and we hit Medusa on the front row. We took another ride on Kong, Boomerang, Taz, Jamboo, Voodoo, Hamerhead, and Roar. We only used the Fast Pass on Roar since the line was like 2 hours. We used up the remainder of our Fast Passes on Medusa until we had no more. The line was now really short so we used the que line for the rest of the 3 rides on Medusa. Next my brother and I got on Kong twice in a row, but it was too boring. So we decided to get on Boomerang, but it was also too boring. We finished off the day with a ride on Taz. This was my best time at SFMW so far.