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Six Flags Thrills

Welcome to Sixflags Thrills!

Welcome to the brand new website Six Flags Thrills! On this site, you will find info, photos, trip reports, ride reviews and much more on all the coasters at two of California's only Six Flags Theme Parks, Six Flags Marine World and Six Flags Magic Mountain!

Scroll down this page to read all the current news on whats happening with the site or theme park news! This site is run by two teens, Brandon and Adrian! To read more about us, go to the "About Us" page by clicking on one of the links at the top of this page! Enjoy the site and we hope you'll come back soon!


3/15/02: More ride ratings have been added to the ride reviews section. The About Us section has been modified, and the SFMW Photos section has been modifies as well. Added news on SFMW and SFMM. The rumors section has also been updated.


3/19/02: The 2002 season is finally here! The entrance plaza has been modified and now it looks better than ever. Kong now has orange gravel and it looks great. Boomerang will no longer be having an on ride photo because Kong is getting it. Now once you exit Kong you can bye your photo.

3/15/02: Well, today is a special day. It is the day before SFMW's opening day for the 2002 season, and It is Adrian's 15th birthday. There is no new shocking news quite yet. SFMW's go-kart track is almost complete. V2's vertical tower is now down to 150 ft. complete with the holding brake. The front tower is not yet complete at this moment. Only one more day till the 2002 season!

3/4/02: Six Flags Marine World has officially made it's 2002 announcement. They will be getting a new go-kart track, some animal stuff and changes on V2 (Vertical Velocity). V2 was the new coaster for the 2001 season, now the city is enforcing the new change. It will be down to 150 ft. The front spirling tower will be tilted outward at a 45 degree angle flying right over the entrance plaza. The back tower will be cut down to 150 ft. Now the good part in all of this is that the back tower will get a new holding brake, the speed will stay at 70 mph and the floor will now be new going up and down allowing riders to get on the train a lot easier. Well that is pretty much all the announcements for now.

2/1/02- Six Flags Marine World made an announcement last week telling the general public (GP) about some of their new 2002 additions. SFMW will be getting 20 plus Go Karts situated somewhere next to Roar. The park will also be getting a new lion cub exhibit and alligator exhibit along with two new asian elephants. Visit the park's main webpage for more info:

Six Flags Marine World

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Above is a photo of Goliath at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valenica, CA!

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3/15/02: SFMM will probrobly not be getting anything big for the 2002 season, but you never know. There hasn't been anything new, although the park is going for another great season.

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