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Six Flags Thrills
Ride Reviews

Below are Ride Reviews of the roller coasters located at both Six Flags Marine World and Six Flags Magic Mountain.


Note: All ride reviews and ratings for SFMW is done by Adrian

Medusa Logo


Rating: 8/10

Medusa is a B&M foorless. It was built in 2000 for the cost of $15,000,000. The colors of it is Lime green and purple. It is 150 ft. and goes 65 mph. While waiting in the line for Medusa you just can't stop thinking of the excitement. As soon as you board the floorless trains and get strapped in you head down a little dip and are going up the lift. While going up the lift you get a good look at the rest of the park. As soon as you reach the top of the 150 ft. lift you head down a little dip then straight down the first drop reaching 4.5 g's at the bottom. Next comes the 128 ft. loop as well as the diving loop. After the diving loop come the great right handed zero-g roll which provides you with maximum weightlessness. Then you head into the one of a kind first ever sea searpent. As soon as you finish the first half of the ride you get a little breather on the mid course break run. You swoop down a twisting drop and head into a left handed corkscrew as well as a little helix. And the ride finishes off with one more left handed corkscrew and helix. You slow down into the brakes and are back into the station. After the ride you can get a look at your on ride photo. This ride is simply amazing. It provides quite a punch. I reccommend the far left seat in the last row for the best sensation on the zero-g roll. This is a must ride for anyone who goes to SFMW. It is a top class coaster with exciting thrills!



Rating: 6.5/10

Kong is a standard Vekoma SLC. The old colors of it were brown and red. Now they are orange and red. It is 115 ft. tall and goes 55 mph. As you go up the chains your feet dangle freely below you. As soon as you reach the top you wonder "I didn't think it was this high" And your off down the right handed first drop. Next you come into the sea-serpent and into a little hill. Next comes the immelman and the right handed helix. To finish it off you go through 2 barrel rolls and up and around to the station. This is a good fun ride.

V2 logo

Vertical Velocity

Rating: 9/10

V2 (Vertical Velocity) is an Intamin Impulse coaster. It is their 3rd. The colors are yellow, blue and orange. V2 is 185 ft. tall and goes up to 72 mph. The seats are pretty comfortable. While sitting in your seat your just waiting then all of a sudden you are launched 70 mph going forward and the train twists just a little bit. Now you go backwards and up the vertical tower. I love the airtime on this. Next your plummeting straight down and through the station again. This time the train completes the twist and you go backwards once again this time the train reaches the very top of the vertical tower. You plummet down once more and through the staion again and up the twist to finish it off. The train slows down once it reaches the station and riders get off.

Roar logo


Rating: 8/10

This is SFMW's only wooden coaster and boy is it a good one. Roar is a Great Coasters International Wooden Twister. It is 90 feet high and has a speed of 50 mph. This coaster is a copy of Roar over at Six Flags America, but this version is a little bit higher and better. The ride begins as you wait in line while watching a train go by you and up the lift. As soon as you get on the ride operators signal their okays and you go down a little left handed hill and soon enough you are up the chain lift. As soon as you reach the top, Roar seems taller than you thought and your go down the first right handed twisting drop. You go through lots more hills and turns and finally once the ride starts getting near the station there is 2 more bunny hops with some airtime. I recommend this ride for anyone of any age looking for a great thrill.

Boomerang Logo


Thank Joel Rogers for this picture.

Rating: 7/10

Boomerang is your standard Vekoma Boomerang. Even though it is a copy, it is still a very fun ride. It is 125 feet, goes 48 mph, and has 6 inversions (3 frontwards and 3 backwards). The ride begins as you go up the lift backwards. As soon as you reach the top the thing lets go of the train and your off. You go through the station and through the Cobra Roll which counts as 2 inverions. Next comes the loop and finally up the second chain lift. This time you face forward while going up it. The thing lets go of the train again and you're off, this time backwards. You go through the loop and Cobra Roll again and up the first lift about half ways and the train slowly goes back into the staion. I was amazed at how good this ride was.


Note: All ride reviews and ratings for SFMM is done by Brandon

Batman Logo

Batman The Ride

Rating: 8/10

Batman The Ride is one of the most intense roller coasters anyone could ever ride out there and one of the best inverts I have ever personally ridden. Well the ride starts off with a 100ft. lift hill and at the top, the train heads down the usual B&M dip, the trains turns towards the left and flies down the left handed 87ft. drop! At the bottom the train reaches 55 mph and you immediately go into the vertical loop. Next comes the zero g roll followed by another vertical loop. Then, the train heads towards the left again into a tight upward helix followed by a drop towards the right along with a left handed corkscrew. Finally, the train enters back through the twisted structure into a "u turn" and flys into the last corkscrew before heading up towards the left and into the brakes. This is one of the best rides in the park since it is so intense. I highly recommend the front row, but I'm sure that there is not a bad seat on this sucker!

Colossus Logo


Deja Vu Logo

Deja Vu


Flashback Logo


Goliath Logo


Thank you for this photo!

Rating: 10/10

This ride can be easily explained in one word.........."Incredible"!
When you pull up to the park all you see is Goliath's huge, towering orange 255ft. drop! When you get to the qeue, you enter by going through these huge towering stone looking letters that spell out GOLIATH. The qeue line never seems to end, but once on the ride, you pull out of the station by making a right handed u turn to the 235ft. lift hill. At the top, you crest the lift hill and you fly down the huge 255ft. 61 degree drop into a 100ft. underground, misty tunnel. At the bottom, the train reaches an incredible 85mph!!!! The G Forces are so strong, you can barely keep your head up, but then you pull out and fly into the 200ft. turnaround. Next, you fly into a huge bunny hop which provides some great airtime. Then, the train flys up towards the left onto the brakes. The train almost slows to a stop before you fly down towards the left where you immediately change directions into a huge diving right handed drop. Next, you enter one of the most powerful helixes you could ever imagine. You start to turn and you keep turning, turning and turning. Blackness is creeping up on your vision, before you pull out, and you enter the last turnaround before heading up towards the right and slamming (literally) into the brakes.
This ride is awesome and is not to be missed! It is my number 1 coaster as of right now and the drop is incredible! The only thing wrong with it in my opinion is that it is too short!

Ninja Logo



Psyclone Logo

Riddler Logo

Riddler's Revenge

Rating: 7/10

Riddler's Revenge is another B&M creation and it still holds the title of being the world's tallest, fastest, and longest stand up roller coaster. Most enthusiasts say it is their favorite coaster that they have ever been on, but my opinion is totally opposite of that.......
The ride starts off with a little quarter turn towards the right before you engage with the 156 ft. tall lift hill. At the top of the lift, you go down the typical B&M dip before you turn towards the left and fly down a 146 ft. left hand curving drop! After the drop, you immediately fly under the lift hill into a huge vertical loop. Next, you fly out of the loop and you barely have time to catch your breath before you start to head up into a left handed dive loop! Then, you enter the second dive loop, but this time heading towards the right. Once the dive loops are over, the train immediately shoots through the inclined loop which is basically a loop tilted on its side 30 to 40 degrees or less. After this, you head over a little bunny hill which turns you onto your side for a second, before you fly up towards the right and enter the mid course brakes. Then, you fly down a straight drop into a corkscrew before quickly heading up towards your left and entering a second bunny hill which provides a little floating time. For the grand finale, you enter a huge helix before flying into the second corkscrew and hitting the last and final brakes.
Riddler's Revenge is an "okay" ride, but I did not like it for some reason. I think the main reason I didn't like it was because I was in a bad mood when I rode it. It still places on my top ten list though and it is very smooth, but it lacks intensity. Still ride it if you go to SFMM anytime soon because you need to ride it for yourself and trust your own opinion.

Superman Logo

Rating: 8/10

Inside the park this is basically all you hear! This is one loud coaster! I guess having a coaster reach 100mph in 7 seconds and fly up 415ft. in the air will be loud. Just looking at this coaster can be quite intimidating. I'll tell you that I was terrified before I rode Superman. But that just adds to the experience. You enter the car and pull down your restraint and then you basically wait for what you know is gonna happen and soon! The operators don't give any warning at all when you are going to be launched. One minute you are sitting there and the next you are out of the station, pressed back into your seat and accelerating over the track to reach the train's top speed........... 100mph! Soon, you are flying up into the 415ft. vertical tower and at the top you can experience 6.5 seconds of weightlessness! It seems like you are up at the top of the tower for hours, but it's only for a few seconds. After experiencing weightlessness, you soon find out that you are flying back down backwards and you enter back into the station after about a 30 second ride or less! Superman The Escape is quite an experience and you need to enjoy it as much as possible because its over as fast as it accelerates to 100mph. Its very intense and scary to look at, but I reccommend S: TE to anyone who visits SFMM.

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X Logo